Marillac (pronounced Mary-yac) Mission Fund, formerly the Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis, is in its 27th year of investing in area nonprofits serving those experiencing poverty and vulnerability.  Marillac Mission Fund (MMF) is a St. Louis-based charitable foundation that supports and partners in efforts to care for and encourage the wellbeing and dignity of people experiencing poverty through funding grants, community engagements, research and advocacy. 

Since its inception, the Fund has focused on primary and preventive health care and social services. We serve the metropolitan area of St. Louis including 16 counties in Missouri and Illinois, and have funded more than $45 million in grants.

We periodically conduct environmental scans and literature reviews to identify critical issues in the region, and the Executive Council reviews the focus areas for Responsive Grants.

Listing of current MMF Executive Council Members
The beliefs and purpose that guide us
The Marillac Mission Fund Theory of Change explains our assumptions and long-term goals with grant making, like a logic model.
Staff of the Marillac Mission Fund
A short description of the Marillac Mission Fund, formerly Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis, and its history