Step 2: Create Your Online Account

To apply for a grant or view grants you've received in the past, you must have an organization account in the GLM system, with logon credentials (email and password).  

  • If your organization has never applied for a MMF grant, you will need to create an organization account. See the procedures listed below.

  • If your organization has an account and you know the logon credentials, proceed to the GLM Logon page. If you've forgotten your password, there is a system prompt to assist you with a reset.

  • DO NOT create a new account if your organization has received grants previously but you are unaware of the account information. To avoid creating duplicate organizations, you must contact our office at 314-733-6500 so a staff member can provide you individual logon credentials if an organization account already exists.

Online Account Creation Process

The online account creation process has four sections and is straightforward; however, in some cases it may be more complex when certain factors apply.

  1. Organization information

  2. The Applicant's individual information (user contact info)

  3. Executive Officer contact information

  4. Creating your individual user password

    • Each individual user is linked to a single organization through a unique email address. If you are submitting applications for multiple organizations, each organization will need to have its own registered account and you will need to use a different email address for each organization. The same goes for multiple individuals at one organization having login access to their organization's account. Each individual within an organization must use a unique email address to access that organization's account (i.e., two people from the same organization cannot both use that organization's info@ general email address). The system will only accept an email address once.

    • When a fiscal sponsor is used for a grant application, the individual who registers the organization should be affiliated with the sponsored project or organization rather than the fiscal sponsor organization.

    • During the organization account creation process, you cannot save partial information; therefore, you should gather all required information before beginning the registration process.

Your email address as listed under your user account will be the first part of your logon credentials; the password you create is the second.

Updating Account Contact Information

To update your user contact information, logon and click your name at the top right corner of the screen and select "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu. To update the information for your organization or its chief executive officer, contact MMF staff at 314-733-6500.  It is very important to keep MMF staff abreast of key staff changes within the organization throughout the grant year.

Hints and Helps

We recommend you bookmark the logon URL for faster access in the future. For guidelines and tips regarding our Online Grant Management System, see:

Call us at 314-733-6500 if you have difficulty accessing or using the online system.