Step 3: Grant Application

All applications are submitted online

1. Logon to the online grant management system

  • Use the credentials you provided when creating your account in the previous step. You will be taken to your organization dashboard.
  • If you’ve previously been funded by MMF but are unaware of an existing account, please contact our staff at 314-733-6500. A staff member can provide credentials if an organization account already exists.
  • Dashboard
    • You can view information and status of previous and current requests made to MMF.

2. Click Apply at the top of the page

3. Save Application

  • Applications can be saved and returned to as many times as desired.

4. Submit Application

  • Please only submit the application when you are ready, as you will not be able to edit after submission. 

If you encounter problems, please contact our staff at 314-733-6500.