Step 3: Grant Application

All applications are submitted online. Logon to the Grant Management System (new link as of June 2019) with the email address provided in the contact information for your organization's account and the password you created. If your organization received grants previously but you are unaware of the account, please do not create a new one. Contact our office at 314-733-6500 so a staff member can provide logon credentials if an organization account already exists.

Logging on takes you to your organization's Application Status Page which has your contact information and a listing of all grants received from MMF.  Within the box for each grant is information on that grant and its status.

To the left is a box containing two sections: Requests and Tools. These contain links to areas in the Grant Management System. A link under Requests says Apply, and that link takes you to a header for MMF Responsive Grants.  If the header is a hyperlink, the grant application period is open; if it is not, the application period is closed.

The MMF Responsive Grants link will take you to the Application page. Again, at the top you will see contact info for you and your organization. Immediately below, you will see the application questions and the place for your responses. 

We recommend you scroll through the application to get a feel for what is requested. If you'd like a printout of the questions, click on the Question List box in the upper right corner of the page and a copy will open that you can download.

Most questions have instructions that if not followed, will create an error message or not let you move forward. The application is fairly self-explanatory. We feel the application is user friendly; however, if you encounter problems, contact our staff at 314-733-6500.

Note: You can add content, edit and save your application as many times as desired. However, if you hit SUBMIT, while you'll still be able to view the application, you will no longer be able to edit it in any way.

Once your application is saved, you will find it by clicking on Dashboard and going to your application status page. It should be the first application listed. Click on the link that says view application and you'll be there.