Step 5: Status Report

The Final Status Report is the final grant report due to the Fund. It is due no later than one month following the grant end date. If a Final Status Report for an open grant is not received and approved within at least one month of the grant application deadline for a new grant cycle, the grantee organization will not be eligible to apply during the next cycle. Final Status Report reports are submitted and processed online; paper copies will not be accepted.

Approximately two weeks prior to the end of a grant period, the grantee's Primary Contact, typically the lead executive who signed the Grant Agreement, will receive email notification that  a final status report will be due in 45 days. The report will be available only to that person, who will access it by logging on to our Grant Management System Portal, going to their organization's account, and selecting the most recent grant. There they will see that a "Follow-Up" form (the Final Status Report) has been added. If the executive wants to assign someone else to complete the report, they will need to give that person the executive's logon credentials,   contact MMF staff to have the assigned contact person has changed, or use the new Collaborate feature noted on the right side of this page.

A preview of the FY23 Responsive Final Status Report form is here (for grants awarded in FY23).  Click here for the updated MMF Evaluation Plan and Report Template.  This does not constitute the entire final status report.  This template is a guide to help you "show your work" when reporting total number evaluated and total number achieved for each of the MMF outcomes/indicators chosen in your application.  You will complete this Evaluation Plan and Report Template in the application (leaving the final column blank) and then on the Final Status Report, you will be asked to go back to your original Evaluation Plan and Report and fill in the final column with actual numbers achieved, also noting at this time if any evaluation tools, methods, or processes changed during the grant period.

Here is a link to a recording of our staff walking through the Final Status Report Process.  The video is about 15 minutes long.  The slides from our Status Report Workshop in June 2022 are also available for download.

The questions that comprise the full online final status report are listed below.

Points to Consider in Preparing the Report

Examine the original application submitted. Review how you described your program approach and planned activities, who and how many you expected to serve, what changes you expected to see in your participants and by when, and the measurement tools you said you would use to measure, verify and track progress. Next, check your data and reflect upon what progress has actually taken place. This will be your opportunity to tell us your story.

Listed below are the questions that must be answered. (FYI: There will be limits to the number of characters allowed per answer.  Each question will indicate the number of characters allowed for that question.)

  • Total number of unduplicated/unique clients who completed the project/program.
  • If your grant proposal included a MMF Proposal Workplan, provide a summary to update each listed activity as originally planned and upload it where indicated (Project Grants).
  • If your application included additional outcomes not specific to this grant, please share any key findings in the space below.  
  • What issues or obstacles did you face in implementing the grant/project?
  • If results were not as expected, what strategies are being used to address this?
  • What were the primary observations or lessons learned while working on the grant project/program? How will you use what you learned to inform your work?
  • How did your evaluation process change from the plan submitted, if at all?
  • What alliances or partnerships, if any, were instrumental to the success of the project/program?
  • What trends are you seeing that are affecting the communities served?
  • Looking back over the grant period, what are you most proud of?
    • Project Grants: Please provide an accounting of expenses incurred and MMF funds expended to date. Complete both tabs of the Status Report Financial Accounting template. 
    • General Operations Support: Please complete the new Revenue Report Template.  Once completed, please combine with copies of the: 
      • Statement of Financial Position/Balance Sheet 
      • Statement of Activities/Income & Expense Statement for two (2) 12-month periods: one ending April 30th (for spring grants) or October 31st (for fall grants) of the current year and one ending April 30th or October 31st of the previous year (ex: grants ending April 30, 2022 would provide financial statements for May 1, 2021-April 30, 2022 and May 1, 2020-April 30, 2021).
      • These financials should be uploaded as one document and renamed under your organization's name
  • Were actual costs consistent with estimate? Please explain variances.

In addition to responses to questions in the status report and completing the Evaluation Report and Financial Reporting templates, the grantee must provide the information described below:

  • Purpose of Grant (1 sentence)
  • Zip Codes in which Clients Resided (top five most frequent)
  • Counties Served (within MMF 16-county service area)
  • Race/ethnicity of clients served
  • Individual who prepared the Status Report (name, title, phone number, email address)
  • Electronic signature of lead executive of the organization

Once the Final Status Report is completed and submitted, the person to whom it was assigned will receive an automated email notification that it was submitted. Upon MMF staff approval of the status report, the grant will be closed and the lead executive notified by email.