Step 5: Status Report

The Final Status Report is the final grant report due to the Fund. It is due no later than one month following the grant end date. If a Final Status Report for an open grant is not received and approved within at least one month of the grant application deadline for a new grant cycle, the grantee organization will not be eligible to apply during the next cycle. Final Status Report reports are submitted and processed online; paper copies will not be accepted.

Approximately two weeks prior to the end of a grant period, the grantee's Primary Contact, typically the lead executive who signed the Grant Agreement, will receive email notification that  a final status report will be due in 45 days. The report will be available only to that person, who will access it by logging on to our Grant Management System Portal, going to their organization's account, and selecting the most recent grant. There they will see that a "Follow-Up" form (the Final Status Report) has been added. If the executive wants to assign someone else to complete the report, they will need to give that person the executive's logon credentials,  contact MMF staff to have the assigned contact person changed, or use the new Collaborate feature noted on the right side of this page.

Once the Final Status Report is completed and submitted, the person to whom it was assigned will receive an automated email notification that it was submitted. Upon MMF staff approval of the status report, the grant will be closed and the lead executive notified by email.

A preview of the FY23 Responsive Final Status Report form is here (for grants awarded in FY23). Here is a link to a recording of our staff walking through the Final Status Report Process.  The video is about 15 minutes long.  The slides from our Grant Partner Convening in June 2023 are also available for download.