Responsive Grants

Twice annually, online applications are accepted for consideration from eligible nonprofits through our Responsive Grant program. The application must meet our Eligibility Requirements and filing deadline, and must be for support of a project in one of our focus areas of community need:

We seek programs that respect and protect the dignity of each person, especially those that are materially poor and vulnerable.

Types of Grants

Responsive Grants fall into two types; applicants will be instructed to select one:

Program or Project

A Program is an organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes for a specified population that will continue beyond the grant period. A Project is a planned undertaking or organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes that are time-limited. (Note: A successful project may become an ongoing program of the organization.)

General Operating Support

Grant funds are available to support the ongoing  services, mission or goals of an organization within our focus areas. To be eligible, 100% of the organization's programs must serve the selected focus area.  This type of funding is not typically available to first-time grantees of Marillac Mission Fund.

A preview of the application form is available here.