Step 4: Grant Review and Notification

After you submit your application, the focus turns to the review process.

Grant Review

The application goes through a vetting process by the MMF staff, Application Review Committee and full Executive Council. Decisions are made at each level, with the final decision resting with the full Executive Council. The review process covers about two and a half months, from the Grant Submission Deadline until the Council meeting where the final decisions are made.

Notification of Grant Decision

Within two weeks of the Council meeting, prospective grantees are notified by letter of the decision on whether their application was approved or declined. Organizations whose applications are approved move forward in the grant process and receive two documents:

  1. Award letter, stating the amount awarded, grant period covered, and next steps in the process, including final status report due date.

    • Fall Cycle
      • Application due August 1
      • Notification of award in late October
      • Grant year is November 1 - October 31
      • Final status report due by November 30
    • Spring Cycle  
      • Application due February 1
      • Notification of award in late April
      • Grant year is May 1 - April 30
      • Final status report due by May 31
  2. Grant Agreement, a legally-binding contract between the Fund and the grantee organization, including any contingencies, if applicable. The original Grant Agreement must be signed and returned to MMF before a payment can be made.

Grant Payment

Upon receipt of the signed grant agreement and completed ACH form, it takes up to two weeks to process payment (typically via ACH). Marillac Mission Fund is a program of Ascension, who uses The Resource Group to confirm suppliers/vendors. This process includes a phone call and/or email to confirm account information before the payment can be requested. The payment will come from Ascension, not Marillac Mission Fund. you may receive an automated email with login access to the Ascension Supplier Portal, but you do not need to submit a payment request through this portal