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Improving the Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit Helps Older Missourians Remain in Their Homes

Increasing housing values and associated property taxes can price older adults out of the homes they have lived in for decades, separating them from their neighbors and communities.  Marillac Mission Fund’s Theory of Change seeks to increase the stability and quality of life for older adults experiencing poverty to continue to live independently, in line with our value of respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life.  The relief offered by the Missouri “Circuit Breaker” property tax credit helps older Missourians and Missourians living with disabilities who have fixed incomes stay in their homes by refunding a portion of property taxes that have been paid. However, it has not been adjusted since 2008, limiting its reach and impact. There are currently three bills moving through the state legislature that seek to strengthen the Circuit Breaker by expanding income eligibility, increasing the credit amount, and/or indexing the credit and eligibility to keep pace with inflation.   As our grantees have first-hand experience working with low-income older adults and adults with disabilities, we are asking for your assistance in gathering stories about how increasing property taxes has impacted those you serve.  

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