MMF User's Guide for Evaluation

Marillac Mission Fund (MMF) is committed to the measurement and evaluation of its impact on those experiencing poverty and vulnerability, and on the community at large. The User's Guide is a guide with explanations of the Fund’s thinking of what the outcomes/indicators mean along with examples of evaluation tools intended for illustration purposes only. The purpose of the guide is to assist applicants to apply the examples provided and/or develop their own measures to track and report on MMF Outcomes and Indicators, if they do not already have tools and processes in place that align with the evaluation framework.  Grantees define what tool they will use, how often they will use it, how they will collect the information, and how they will know that a client has achieved the indicator in a way that makes sense for their program.

Guides & Tools from The IllumiLab

Over the years, The IllumiLab staff have assembled a vast library of online resources. This page contains links to a select few that they consider to be the most helpful for organizations that are seeking to design and launch their own Performance Management systems and organizational cultures of learning. All are available as free downloads with the links provided.

Resources from the Brown School Evaluation Center

This page contains links to some of the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis' favorite evaluation resources.