Aging and Equity articles

December 8, 2023

The experience of being and becoming older differs substantially based on one’s race, ethnicity, and gender.  These two articles further explore the issues of aging and equity, or lack thereof.

The American Society on Aging recently published a series on Structural Ageism.  One article, "With Age, Blacks Fall Into Poverty as Their Health Worsens" examines the historical roots of today’s racial disparities in health and finances and proposes solutions such as housing assistance and greater access to healthcare to improve outcomes.

Providing a more in-depth look at one location, the report "Aging Strong for All: Examining Aging Equity in the City of Boston" examines intersecting trends and documents disparities experienced by older residents across three major dimensions of healthy aging: economic security, health, and social engagement. The report tells a story of inequities across the life course that together challenge the ability of many people to thrive in later life and contribute to disparities across populations.

Both help inform our work today as we seek to live out our guiding principle of equity.