July 2, 2024

Inspired by our FY 2022/2023 Strategic Direction, MMF staff conducted an analysis to better understand where and how to best invest future MMF funds and organizational capacity to continue providing support where there is a proven need. This County Comparison Analysis used existing primary and secondary data to learn more about the 12 counties within our service region with the least MMF funding presence.  We have designed a remarkable StoryMap that visualizes the data that was gathered and analyzed over seven months in 2022.  This site is interactive and displays information in a variety of formats, including custom maps for the counties in the MMF footprint that receive the least funding.  

The first thing you will encounter upon scrolling down is a table of contents bar.  You can click any of these topics to automatically connect to a certain section of the site.  You can take a look at key themes from the primary data sources, look at the demographics of who lives in our footprint, examine their social determinants of health, and compare and contrast county rankings on several measures of well-being.  Finally, you can play with the data yourself and formulate your own questions.  Contact Emily Stuart if you have any questions about this StoryMap.