Impact Dashboard FY22

December 14, 2023 Kim Castizo

The MMF Impact Dashboard for grants awarded in FY2022 (July 2021 - June 2022) is now available. This dashboard includes several updates to the way we convey the impact  of our grant-making to the public:

For FY2022, MMF is highlighting the stories shared by our grantees, which provides a rich context for the quantitative data we have historically presented.  We believe there is no greater way to share the achievements of a grantee than in their own words. Further, MMF has included our discretionary grant award summaries, in recognition that our work continues beyond responsive and capacity building grants, through emerging and innovative initiatives.

Notably missing from our dashboard this fiscal year is the distribution of race/ethnicity data, as supplied to us by grantees during their final reporting. We are currently reflecting on how to most accurately collect and disseminate this information, and have recently introduced a new question to our reporting inspiring grantees to look at their outcomes through an equity lens.    

Also reflected in the updated Dashboard are strategic changes to our Theory of Change, including a new Philanthropic Mission, Vision, and set of Guiding Principles. 

In FY2022, we began to glimpse the after-math of the pandemic. MMF grant-funded partners continued to demonstrate resolve and resilience as they navigated uncertainty and found creative approaches to address the various challenges faced. MMF identified trends, which include:

  • A greater need for financial assistance for individual clients due to increased costs.

  • Hiring and retaining staff in all focus areas has been a challenge.

  • The pivotal role technology has played during and after the pandemic has had both positive and negative effects on clients and service providers.

  • Social and emotional wellness has continued to decline due to isolation during the pandemic.

As MMF continues to learn about the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities created by our COVID-19 landscape, we rest assured that our grant-funded agencies and the communities they serve remain steadfast in increasing stability and improving outcomes within our region.  Our hope is that this Dashboard reflects some of their triumphs.


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