MMF FY2021 Impact Dashboard

September 22, 2022

The MMF Impact Dashboard for grants awarded in FY2021 (grant periods between November 2020 through April 2022) is now available. 

Despite the myriad of challenges brought upon by the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic into FY21, MMF grant-funded agencies demonstrated resolve and resilience as they navigated the unprecedented service environment. As public health mandates began to ease and vaccines were made available, agency representatives had to develop new and innovative ways to continue meeting the needs of the community, even as the pandemic surged. Some identified trends included:

  • Uncertainty loomed and public health guidelines changed often, making decisions such as returning to in-person services more difficult

  • Many agencies continued to offer virtual or hybrid platforms to deliver services when possible, and when preferred by clients to decrease barriers of travel, childcare, and COVID-19 risk

  • Staffing was a consistent and major challenge for agencies this grant period, including declines in volunteerism globally

  • Providers developed deep relationships with clients, as well as other community partners

  • Most agencies saw great increase in demand for services, concurrent with staffing disruptions

  • Social isolation from traditional support networks impacted people across all focus areas, which had a destabilizing effect on households and mental health for populations that had not previously sought services

As MMF continues to learn about the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities created by our COVID-19 landscape, we rest assured that our grant-funded agencies and the communities they serve will remain steadfast in increasing stability and improving outcomes within our region.

Our hope is that this Dashboard reflects some of their triumphs.

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