Capacity Building

Grand Victoria Toolkit
Most organizations, at one time or another, will use outside consultants to address a capacity need that internal resources can't meet. If you or your organization is considering a consultant engagement, "The Insider's Guide to Outside Advice" Toolkit will provide guidelines to four key steps nonprofit leaders must take to ensure the desired results are achieved, the expectations are mutually understood, solid deliverables are generated by a consultant in a timely manner, and more.

The TCC Group
Evaluating Capacity-Building Efforts of Nonprofit Organizations: This article from the TCC Group explains how nonprofit organizations, consultants, funders, and evaluators can evaluate capacity-building activities. Evaluation of capacity building can help inform and, ultimately, improve efforts to build effective nonprofit organizations that can manage and sustain high-impact programs for a long time to come.

Catchafire- Greater St. Louis & Missouri Capacity Building Network
Missouri Foundation for Health and the St. Louis Community Foundation have joined forces to support a nonprofit capacity-building program, the Greater St. Louis & Missouri Capacity Building Network.  As part of the Network, nonprofits get access to Catchafire’s innovative virtual platform and programming to leverage a network of more than 100,000 skilled pro-bono consultants who will help with needs such as website development, online marketing, strategic planning, professional development, and other areas of critical work. Catchafire is a full service, on-demand solution designed to address the wide-ranging and complex needs of nonprofits, and is the largest online tool to connect social good organizations with talented professionals looking to donate their skill sets.  

Lindenwood University Duree Center for Entrepreneurship
America’s 1.3 million nonprofits — including the 15,000+ that exist within the St. Louis Metropolitan Area alone — are addressing our communities’ greatest social, environmental, and economic challenging challenges, often within resource-constrained environments. An entrepreneurial mindset can drive innovation in nonprofits by providing new frameworks for thinking, acting, and empowering nonprofit leaders and employees to recognize opportunity, remain adaptable through setbacks, and become effective problem-solvers in the face of change. The Duree Center has several resources available to regional nonprofits including skill development workshops, Nonprofit 360 cohort (in partnership with Community Value Alliance), Nonprofit modeling, and other Capacity Building consulting services.